• Is your travel policy effective?
    • Does yout travel program expolete savings opportunities?
    • Are the costs and benefits of your company balanced? 
    • Which are the best tools to manage you business travels? 
    • Do your supplier agreement generate good results?


Answer all your questions with AJ Consulting!


What do we do?

AJ Consulting comprises experienced professionals and innovative technologies to promote the increased performance and savings in travel programs of companies from all sectors. Our objective is to analyse deeply all corporate travels of your company, finding oportunities to save costs and increase results. 

How we do it?

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    Continuous Research:  We search for metrics and strategic trends all the time, understanding the market in which travel program is placed. 

  • Tec

    Technology:  We use innovative tools to create full reports about the traveler behavior

  • Glob

    Global Partners: robust partner network all over the world that can offer more knowledge on the business and that can access different types of tools

  • Esp

    Specialists:  Business Intelligence and Business Solutions  professional experts in optimize savings

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  • Our Tools


    Tellus is capable of identify potential savings by comparing the performance os other clients or by creating scenes  as "what if" that can be achieved by comparing your behavior historic of reservation and travel policy:

    Aerial, hotel and car analysis:

    • Best fare choice
    • Re-issue analysis
    • Purchase in advance
    • Benchmarking
    • Indicators X travel policy analysis
    • Comparative studies year by year 
    • Online booking adoption
    • Preferential hotel X not preferential
    • Suppliers by city
    • Hotel saving lost
    • Travel policy application

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    We are experts in RFP management and supplier negotiations. With a flexible approach, we offer totally managed processes or a combination of negotiations that are made in a centered and local way.

    • Data extraction of many sources to help on the decision-making process
    • Comparative charges studies year by year 
    • Changing scene tools and impact analysis in each step of the process.
    • Wide benchmarking data base

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    It's fundamental that negotiated fee are available and accessible to all reservation's location, after the RFP has been concluded and the program finished. With the detailed auditing, we guarantee the delivery of a superior product at the automated auditing, executed by specialists.


    AJ Consulting analyze the best technology profile to your company, seeking to offer tools as the Expense Management module, that consolidates all the travel costs, not only aerial, hotel or car.

    • Approval flow for travel advance
    • Provision of accounts with manager approval
    • Manager report
    • System integration
    • Small cash with hierarchy approval
    • Corporate credit card automation and control
    • App for approval that allows to record invoices and receipts

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