• GlobalRange

With our global partners, we can take customers to any place in the world.

With focus on the best customer experience, Alatur JTB has partnerships with major global companies that guarantee safety and wide coverage, in addition to eliminating borders for customers that want to grow and expand their businesses.


jtbJapanese company founded in 1912 in the city of Tokyo. With over 27 thousand employees, JTB has 422 offices in 107 cities and is present in 37 countries in the world. With all this solid structure, the Japanese global company operates in various fronts: leisure travels, events, incentives and corporate travels.


mciExperts in communication, events and congresses, MCI’s main focus is to create projects to strengthen relationships and increase results in corporate events. With headquarters in Switzerland, MCI is present in over 30 countries and serves customers in Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, India, Middle East and Africa.

el corte inglesWith more than 40 years, Viajes El Corte Inglés was the first travel agency in Spain. It was founded by El Corte Inglés, a Spanish group with solid structure and recognized in the country. Our partnership allows the specialized service of customers from Spain, in addition to assistance and coverage across Europe.

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