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    Alatur JTB experts are dedicated to finding and developing technological tools that meet the needs of companies and their travelers. With them it is easier to plan, execute and analyze the results of travels and events.

    Know some of these tools!



    Tellus, which means “earth” in Latin, allows the generation of corporate travel analysis reports using market indicators and comparators, summary of sales and many other resources. It is an online tool automatically fed by other Alatur JTB systems and can be accessed at any time.
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    venti appAJ Venti

    AJ Venti is a mobile application that automatically uploads travel itinerary information, sending relevant notifications and information to the user. Flight delays, strikes, traffic or climatic occurrences are sent directly to the mobile phone or tablet of the traveler. Available in various languages, including Portuguese, the app is already in the stores for download! 

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    Alatur JTB is a multi-platform company. This means that we are qualified to implement and manage any Online Booking Tool in the market, considering the need of each customer. With this tool it is possible to reserve and track travels completely online in a way that is much more practical and fast.  

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    PortalAlatur JTB Portal

    The Alatur JTB portal comprises all the tools for the travel management of the Alatur JTB customer. It contains important travel information, warning of incidents that may change the travel routes, with easy access to your OBT (Online Booking Tool) and a management tool for expenses and reports.

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                                       Expense Management


    This tool allows a complete control of the expenses, integrated to the ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning). The Expense Management tool enables simple and objective management and a consistent reconciliation of corporate credit cards, which is presently one of the major weaknesses of our market.

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     AJ RFP - Request for Proposal

    The hotel RFP tools of Alatur JTB offer a fully online way of negotiating, concluding and auditing the hotel program for corporate travels. It has the largest network of hotels available in the travel market. 

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    Product Interface

    It integrates data and flows to optimize the processes of your company. Through the interface, it is possible to connect passenger information, cost centers and approval standards, in addition to managing the service order, approval and payment processes from start to finish.

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    In addition to being a management program, the Strategic Event Management Program (PEGE) is a web tool used by the events team.  It allows managers and requesters to follow-up the operation and costs of their events at any time and from any place in the world. By accessing all the information base of the operation, the reports allow the analysis of savings and detecting the best business opportunities.

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  • Reports and Analyses

    Customer Service (SAC)

    In addition to centralizing the entire service, including requests, compliments suggestions and complaints, the tool was developed to automatically generate a structured, auditable and transparent feedback regarding the Alatur JTB service.

    Our response time is 48 hours and we send monthly managerial reports to the customers, reporting all the contacts made and the resulting action. The reports include Waiver & Favors, a statement of benefits added to the customer in an inactive manner (no-show cancellation, reduction of post-approval costs, upgrades, among others). 


    Satisfaction Survey

    This is fundamental to identify in a quick and direct manner the level of service offered by Alatur JTB; the Satisfaction Survey is an open channel with the customer. We use it to identify strong points and improvements, designing immediate strategies to solve the identified problems.

    The Satisfaction Survey of Alatur JTB allows the customization to the customer and it is completely online. It also has an after sales model that ensures the fast feedback to the travel manager.

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